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Tidy Birds And Neat Bees: On Conscientiousness In Animals

Human personality theory has long revolved around what we know as the ‘Big Five’ – five dimensions of personality that cover a large swathe of how humans behave across time and contexts. These dimensions are conscientiousness (tendencies to be orderly and rule-abiding), agreeableness (easy to get along with), extraversion (outgoing), neuroticism (tendencies to be anxious, […]

Improved Drone Cameras Inspired By Swan’s Springy Neck

An unlikely source of inspiration lies behind Stanford University researchers’ efforts to improve video captured by aerial drones. The engineers have used high-speed video footage and computer models to reveal that whooper swans stabilize their head with a complex neck that’s tuned like a car suspension. Swans and geese are a marvel to aeronautical engineers. […]