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Cellular Focal Adhesion Dynamics Analyzed: Novel Microscopy Technique

A new form of microscopy that allows the observation of the formation and evolution of cell membrane focal adhesions has been developed by researchers at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology and the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory at the University of Illinois. Their paper details how the new live cell imaging technique, called […]

Transposon Sequencing Reveals Almost 100 Novel Methylotrophy Genes

All the genes required by a bacterium to use methanol as a food source have been identified by ETH Zurich researchers. The results will help scientists advance the use of this resource in the field of biotechnology. Many chemists are currently researching how small carbon molecules, such as methane and methanol, can be used to […]

Cryptography Cloaks Genetic Information In Individuals’ Genomes

A method for keeping private genetic information protected when scouring complete human genomes for the presence of disease-associated genes has been developed by Stanford researchers. The “genome cloaking” technique eases many concerns about genomic privacy and potential discrimination based on an individual’s genome sequence. Using the technique, the researchers were able to identify the responsible […]