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Artificial Sensory Nerve Circuit Identifies Braille Letters

An artificial sensory nerve system that can identify letters in the Braille alphabet and activate the twitch reflex in a cockroach has been developed by Stanford and Seoul National University researchers. The work is a step toward creating artificial skin for prosthetic limbs, to restore sensation to amputees and, perhaps, one day give robots some […]

Engineered Soft Material Mimics Neural Tissue

A process for engineering next-generation soft materials with embedded chemical networks that mimic the behavior of neural tissue has been developed by researchers at Brandeis University. The new material could lead to autonomous soft robotics, dual sensors and actuators for soft exoskeletons, or artificial skins. The work paves the way for futuristic soft active matter […]

Researchers Develop Platform For Testing New Anticancer Therapies

Cancer is still a leading cause of death globally. Consequently, research into development of new therapies is widespread and there is a great demand for better systems to test their effectiveness. A research group in Korea aims to contribute to the improvement of testing platforms with a system that allows them to model an important […]