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Infants Strong Pupillary Light Reflex Linked To Later Autism Diagnosis

Infants who are later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders react more strongly to sudden changes in light, a new study indicates. The finding lends support to the view that sensory processing plays an important role in the development of the disorder. Despite being defined by symptoms in social communication, researchers are increasingly embracing the view […]

Hyland’s Finally Recalls Homeopathic Baby Teething Tablets Nationwide

Years after the US Food and Drug Administration first started cautioning parents to avoid it, the manufacturer of Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Teething Tablets has issued a nationwide recall. The FDA has received reports of more than 400 cases of infant illnesses, some involving seizures, fever, and vomiting, plus 10 infant deaths involving the tablets. Hyland’s […]

What Can You Do For A Baby With Acid Reflux?

A mother drying her baby with a towelWe have all seen the movies with the baby spitting up all over someone’s shirt, right? If you have a baby and that baby is spitting up all the time, you may not think that image of the baby in the movie is so funny anymore. You may be seriously questioning what the heck is wrong with your baby.

You may know what acid reflux is and wonder if your baby could possibly have acid reflux. To get the answers to your questions you may make an appointment with your baby’s pediatrician.