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Researchers Identify Key Proteins For The Repair Of Nerve Fibers

A group of proteins that help to regenerate damaged nerve cells has been identified by scientists at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE). It is commonly accepted that neurons of the central nervous system shut down their ability to grow when they no longer need it; this occurs normally after they have found their […]

Constricting Actin Spheres Accelerate Injured Axons Disintegration

The same mechanism by which damaged peripheral nerves can regenerate after an injury could be activated in cells of the central nervous system – after a spinal cord injury, for instance, new research indicates. “An injury in the peripheral nervous system quickly triggers the activation of a fascinating repair process that allows the injured nerve […]

Suppression Of Incongruous Directional Signals Prevents Axon Misguidance

Motor neurons receive a multitude of cues to successfully navigate to their destinations in the body, report Salk Institute scientists. “There are 100 trillion connections in the nervous system governed by 20,000 genes, of which roughly 10 gene families are known to be involved in controlling axon guidance. We wanted to understand the clever genetic […]

Environmental Factors May Spur Multiple Sclerosis Myelin Changes

Certain environmental conditions may precipitate structural changes that take place in myelin sheaths in the onset of multiple sclerosis (MS), new Tel Aviv University research indicates. Myelin sheaths are the “insulation” surrounding axons; axons carry electrical impulses in neurons. The study demonstrates that myelin sheaths undergo structural transitions when triggered by changes in local environmental […]

Regenerating Axons Across Complete Spinal Cord Injury

In a collaboration led by EPFL (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland and UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) in the USA, scientists have now understood the underlying biological mechanisms required for severed nerve fibers to regenerate across complete spinal cord injury, bridging that gap in mice and rats for the first time. […]