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It’s 25 Years Since We Redefined Autism – Here’s What We’ve Learnt

It’s 25 years since the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) was published. The manual is the clinical “bible” that defines the criteria for the diagnosis of psychiatric and neurodevelopmental conditions, and was a landmark document for autism spectrum disorder. The first mention of autism came in the third edition of the […]

Brains Of People With Autism Are More Symmetrical

Do people with autism have differently organized brains? A large-scale MRI study reports fewer differences between the right and left hemispheres in people with an autism spectrum disorder. An international team, led by scientists from the Max Planck and Donders institutes in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and the University of Southern California, found differences in brain […]

Acetaminophen In Pregnancy Linked To Higher Risk Of ADHD, Autism

Exposure to acetaminophen during pregnancy may raise a child’s risk for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder, suggests a study from Johns Hopkins University. Researchers analyzed data from the Boston Birth Cohort, a long-term study of factors influencing pregnancy and child development. They collected umbilical cord blood from 996 births and measured the amount […]

First Evidence Of Immune Response Targeting Brain Cells In Autism

The presence of cellular features consistent with an immune response targeting specialized brain cells in more than two thirds of autistic brains analyzed postmortem is reported in a new paper[1]. These cellular characteristics — not previously observed in autism — lend critical new insight into autism’s origins and could pave the way to improved diagnosis […]