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A Brain Noise-cancelling Circuit For Sounds Related To Movement

To ensure that a mouse hears the sounds of an approaching cat better than it hears the sounds its own footsteps make, the mouse’s brain has a built-in noise-cancelling circuit. The new findings come from an array of difficult experiments, including a “mouse virtual reality” setup. It’s a direct connection from the motor cortex of […]

Neural Entrainment To Speech Influences How We Hear Words

Have you ever found yourself finishing someone else’s sentences, even though you don’t really know them that well? Fortunately, the ability to predict what someone is going to say next isn’t the preserve of turtle doves or those in long-term relationships. Our brain processes all kinds of information to estimate what’s going to come next, […]

Our Neural Auto-correct For Interpreting Ambiguous Sounds

Your brain has a built-in “auto-correct” feature that you engage when re-interpreting ambiguous sounds, according to new research. The study sheds light on how the brain uses information gathered after the detection of an initial sound to aid speech comprehension. The findings point to new ways we use information and context to aid in speech […]

TMC1: The Molecular Sensor That Converts Sound Into Brain Signals

The protein TMC1, discovered in 2002, forms a sound- and motion-activated pore that allows the conversion of sound and head movement into nerve signals that travel to the brain, scientists at Harvard Medical School report. The finding ends a 40-year search for the elusive identity of the sensor protein responsible for hearing and balance. Scientists […]

Learning Capabilities During Sleep Have Intrinsic Limitations

Learning capabilities are limited during slow wave sleep, a group of researchers in Belgium reports. Using magnetoencephalography (MEG), they showed that while the brain is still able to perceive sounds during sleep, it is unable to group these sounds according to their organisation in a sequence. Hypnopedia, or the ability to learn during sleep, was […]