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Deep Predictive AI Uncovers What The Visual Cortex Likes Most

Opening the eyes provides an instant visual perception of the world — and it seems effortless. But the process that starts with photons hitting the retina and ends with ‘seeing’ is far from simple. The brain’s fundamental task in ‘seeing’ is to reconstruct relevant information about the world from the light that hits the eyes. […]

Labgrown Mini Brains: They Could One Day Outsmart Us

The cutting-edge method of growing clusters of cells that organise themselves into mini versions of human brains in the lab is gathering more and more attention. These brain organoids, made from stem cells, offer unparalleled insights into the human brain, which is notoriously difficult to study. But some researchers are worried that a form of […]

Neuroscience And Artificial Intelligence Can Help Improve Each Other

Despite their names, artificial intelligence technologies and their component systems, such as artificial neural networks, don’t have much to do with real brain science. I’m a professor of bioengineering and neurosciences interested in understanding how the brain works as a system – and how we can use that knowledge to design and engineer new machine […]

Inhibitory Neurons: Model Sheds Light On Computational Role

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed a new computational model of a neural circuit in the brain, which could shed light on the biological role of inhibitory neurons — neurons that keep other neurons from firing. The model describes a neural circuit consisting of an array of input neurons and […]