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A sleep-like State Precedes Emerging From Anesthesia-induced Unconsciousness

General anesthesia is essential to modern medicine. It allows physicians to temporarily keep people in an unconscious state. When infusions of the anesthetic drug stop, patients gradually recover consciousness and awaken, a process called emergence. Previous studies using recordings of electrical activity in the brain have documented spontaneous changes during anesthesia. In addition, the way […]

Prefrontal Cortex Stimulation Induces Wake-like Behavior

Prefrontal cortex cholinergic stimulation causes wake-like behavior in anesthetized rats, researchers in the University of Michigan Medical School Center for Consciousness Science report. In the search for what controls our overall level of consciousness, researchers have traditionally focused on structures in the lower part of the brain. These structures include the brainstem (which regulates vital […]

Brain Waves Could Help Predict Response To General Anesthetics

The complex pattern of chatter between different areas of an individual’s brain while they are awake could help doctors better track and even predict their response to general anaesthesia, and better identify the amount of anaesthetic necessary, according to new research from the University of Cambridge. Currently, patients due to undergo surgery are given a […]