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Identifying Individuals By Their Brain Anatomy

As with fingerprints, no two people have the exact same brain anatomy, a study by researchers of the University of Zurich indicates. The uniqueness is the result of a combination of genetic factors and individual life experiences. Is it possible to find out who a brain belongs to from certain anatomical features? This is the […]

Chandelier Cells: Selective Inhibitory Control Of Cortex Subnetworks

The connectivity pattern of chandelier cells, a distinctive kind of inhibitory cell type in the mammalian brain, has been detailed by a team from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). Using advanced technologies, they reveal for the first time how this candelabra-shaped cell interacts with hundreds of excitatory cells in its neighborhood, receiving information from some, […]

Dendrites Found To Be More Active Than Neural Soma

Dendrites are not just passive conduits, a new UCLA study reports. The finding could change scientists’ understanding of how the brain works, and lead to new approaches for treating neurological disorders. The research investigates the structure and function of dendrites, which are components of neurons, the nerve cells in the brain. Neurons are large, tree-like […]

What Are Granule Cells?

The term granule cell (GC) is used by anatomists for a number of different types of neurons whose only common feature is that they all have very small cell bodies. They are found within the granular layer of the cerebellum, the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus, the superficial layer of the dorsal cochlear nucleus, the […]