Absent-mindedness, dark circles around the eyes, tired limbs; most people are all too with familiar the effects on the body of a short night. In fact, says Manuel Schabus, from the University of Salzburg: “Roughly one-third of the Austrian population as a whole suffers from recurrent insomnia.” For years, the psychologist has been studying a… Read more

What is Forgetting?

If memory can be defined as “a past that becomes a part of me”, can forgetting be defined as “a past that is no longer a part of me”? Smokers who have abstained for years may not consciously be able to recall the sensation brought forth by smoking, but can suddenly feel craving upon seeing… Read more

You may have to switch on your memories in order to remember even the simplest details of an experience, say Penn State University  psychologists. This finding, which has been named attribute amnesia, indicates that memory is far more selective than previously believed. Brad Wyble, assistant professor of psychology, comments: “It is commonly believed that you… Read more

Previous research has verified that adults experience infantile amnesia, an inability to recall the earliest years of their lives. Now a new longitudinal study of 140 children ages 4 to 13 explores infantile amnesia in children. In the study, children were asked to recall their earliest memories. Younger children showed more change in recalling earliest… Read more