Childhood Autism Symptoms

Some childhood diseases or disorders cannot be easily detected unless taken into broader perspective, as is the case with autism.

Autism, generally, impacts the perception, attention, and thought of a person, though, it normally occurs at a younger age. It is categorized as a Pervasive Development Disorder. This group is characterized by certain disorders, which manifests delays in the progress of the social skills or the ability of an individual to communicate well with other people.

Among all the known classes of autism, childhood autism has some of the most difficult symptoms to identify. Most experts contend that childhood autism symptoms are usually confused with behavioral problems.

Childhood autism symptoms may range from mild to severe cases. Experts state that nearly 75% of autistic children are also mentally retarded. They have difficulty in bonding emotionally with their parents, in addition.

Normally, childhood autism symptoms occur before the childs third birthday. The symptoms may vary from one child to another. Nevertheless, the general symptoms that may be present in an autistic child are the following:

    1. The child is deficient in his or her ability to imagine things.

    2. The child has difficulty interacting with other people.

    3. The child has strange ways of playing with toys and other objects. For example, he or she will only line them up in a certain way repetitively

    4. The child has difficulty verbally communicating with other people and an inability to express himself, including the childs inability to understand and use language.

    5. The child is unable to express himself emotionally; thus, he has difficulty bonding with his parents and other people.

    6. Pervasiveness of recurring movements like spinning, head banging, or hand clapping.

    7. The child manifests a certain fixation with an unusual object, or behaviour.