Sunless Tanning Reviews

Au Courant – This companies’ Bronze Face Gel, Dark, is a fine lite-scented sunless tanner for the face. Going on easily, drying quick and light, it boasts AHA to help with skin exfoliation while it colors. Their Instant Sunless Tanning Lotion is said to have a slight odor and be a little thick for easy application, but overall helps with good coloring for people with light to medium skin tones.

Bain de Soleil – Their Soleil Streakguarde Tinted Self Tanner Foam rates as a super foam self tanner and sub-par lotion. Great color results, light nice scent and ease of application are other highlights. Many recommend the product for light skin, although there is a “dark” version for those with darker coloring, too. Note that reviewers did not prefer lotions or foams from Bain de Soleil, though. They shared dislikes for the products’ bad scents and too light coloring.

Banana Boat Product Line – Highly recommended line of tanners. Some double as good moisturizers. They boast vitamins A and E and a snappy fragrance of coconut mixed with mandarin. By rubbing their lotion on prior to your tanning sessions can help keep your skin moist, allowing it to tan better. Their crème version is said to go on light and smooth with a good scent, but is not the choice for those wanting darker tanning. When using the instant sunless lotion version, results improved when mixing or diluting it half-and-half first with a moisturizer. And although their so-so tanning accelerator boasts a great coconut oil scent, this product’s SPF 4, not from titanium dioxide, avobenzone or zinc oxide, is not said to be effective against UVA rays.

California North – California North Titanium Self Tanner is a preferred product with a nicer scent than most competitor products, good coloring, fading and good ease-of-application. Not ideal for darker tanning, though.
Clarins Sunless Tanning Products

Clarins – Their gel has reportedly been more like a lotion and their product pricing a little high, application greasy yet quick-drying and lightly fragrant.

Coppertone – Beware permanent fabric stains, color bleeding off on everything, and somewhat strong smell (that fades) reported with this self-tanning product line. Quick, long-lasting and attractive coloring results, though. Great results reported with red heads and exfoliation beforehand. For some products in this line, only a thin application is needed.

Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula
[DDF] – This fragrance-free self-tanner applies smooth, easy and even. Very good coloring. Use repeated applications to darken as desired.

Hawaiian Tropic Tan 2 Max Indoor Tanning Lotion – Another great indoor tanner / moisturizer product. Exotic fragrance, non-oil—based, this contains no SPF but absorbs quickly, leaving no unwanted greasy residue.

Jan Tana – A little pricey, messy and smelly, this self-tanner goes on very dark. Lighter-skinned people may prefer an alternative product.

John Abate Babie – This two-thumbs up, somewhat pricey tanning accelerator is toted as being a hi-quality moisturizer. Non-greasy and light, this product tends to stay on longer than its competitors. And the main attraction is its “baby” powder scent! Two other great varieties are: John Abate Mango Flambe and John Abate Titanium.

Lancome – This fast drying self-tanner reportedly has a high alcohol content, so those with sensitive skin need to take note. (Some products in the line carry a flammable warning). Good color. Bad alcohol smell.

Neutrogena – Their self-tanning products come in lotion and foam form. The foams aren’t highly recommended. And the lotion form has been reported to spread easier with a sponge applicator, otherwise patchy spots can result. Both have reportedly light smells that do go away quickly though. And Neutrogena tanning sprays have left many orange-colored.

Philosophy – The self-tanner is known for good average pricing, dark coloring, OK scent. Heavy applications or repeated applications improved tanning results, too.

St. Tropez – Their tanning kit offers a complete line to help with exfoliation, self-tanning and moisturizing products all-in-one package. Products have light, good scent, apply easy and smooth, product overall very good tan. Watch pricing of individual products; some reportedly need heavy applications and carry heavy prices.

Supre Vibe – This medium-priced, fresh-scented accelerator rates well. Applies smooth with low vibe or tingle feeling.

Tantowel – These easy-to-use, good scented towlettes are super except for one main thing; the coloring is reported to be lacking. Even using more than one per application yielded only minor coloring results with some users.