Stretch Mark Prevention Scams

Where there is a buck to be made, the Internet and hundreds of sites selling thousands of products are not far behind. This is true for almost any ailment or condition, including stretch mark prevention. While there are nutritional choices you can make that will increase the likelihood that any weight gain will result in stretch marks, there are also choices you can make that will decrease the chance of a tearing dermis which is responsible for the visible results of stretch marks and which may greatly cut down on the number of visible stretch marks you will have after a pregnancy, muscle mass increase, or any other form of weight gain.

4 Things to Watch For

Several companies are trying to cash in on consumers fears of having marred bellies and thighs, and by cleverly playing on these concerns they not only scam their customers out of hundreds of dollars, but instead at times may even contribute to significant health problems in the wake of their sales efforts. To prevent being taken by a scam artist, look out for the following tell-tale signs that the company you are considering purchasing your stretch mark prevention supplements from warrants further investigation, preferably from with the help of reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau:

  • Beware of a company that does not have a traceable history. Fly by night organization purchase wholesale herbal supplements and then simply repackage them. They have no knowledge about the actual product beyond that which is included in the literature from the wholesaler.
  • Beware of companies that promise you herbal supplements which are supposed to prevent stretch marks, but then fail to state clearly what is contained in their supplementation and in what quantities. Another red flag is the statement that ingredients list are available upon request. Any company worth its salt will proudly and willingly state the ingredients that it uses as well as post a guaranteed analysis.
  • Beware of a company that touts its quality control programs and safeguards but then fails to state anywhere just exactly where all the ingredients are coming from and where they are processed. How do you know that you are not purchasing supplements made from herbs and plants grown in another country where pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers have added heavy metals and other poisons to them? Similarly, how will you be sure that mandatory irradiation required prior to import into the United States has not zapped the plants of whatever potency that has remained? Only supplements locally grown with all organic ingredients and processing should be considered.
  • Beware any company that claims to guarantee that you will not develop any stretch marks, if you follow their regimen. This usually means that you will need to buy an indefinite amount of their product and follow a daily regimen so restrictive that you are bound to fail which incidentally is the companys “out” should you wish to collect on their guarantee if you develop a stretch mark in spite of their product.