Where to Buy Classic Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelets

People with certain medical conditions should seriously consider wearing an identification bracelet to alert others should an event occur in which they cannot speak for themselves to get help. For instance, certain food and/or medicine allergies (peanuts, penicillin, etc.) can cause anaphylactic shock swelling of the throat, breathing difficulties, collapse of the circulatory system, and even heart failure.

Other conditions that might warrant wearing an ID bracelet are chronic arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, and hypoglycemia. A bracelet can immediately alert other people as to what your condition is, which can then be relayed to emergency personnel.

Although many styles and designs of these types of bracelets are available, the classic stainless steel medical ID bracelet remains one of the most popular. Read on for some online retailers that offer this potentially lifesaving jewelry that can be conveniently ordered from the comfort of your home and delivered straight to your front door.

American Medical ID

For a base price of $24.95, American Medical ID (www.AmericanMedical-ID.com) offers stainless steel bracelets featuring several options. This site offers your choice of different styles of chains, hooks, and free engraving. Theres room for medical conditions, food/drug allergies, medications, and any other brief notations on both the front and back of the bracelet, which also comes in 10k and 14k gold, 10k gold-filled, and sterling silver. Buyers can also purchase a second bracelet starting at only $9.95 as a backup in case the first one gets lost or broken.


Those looking for a wider variety of styles but still have the option of the classic stainless steel medical ID bracelets should visit the Web site of MedJewelers (www.MedJewelers.com). Here youll find a more-than-reasonable assortment of ID bracelets in stainless steel. (You can also find medical ID bracelets at this site in gold and sterling silver.)

All feature the Caduceus medical alert symbol with some having the symbol in 14k gold. One style features the gold symbol along with two 18k screws on either side of the symbol as part of a handsome, stylish design. Prices at MedJewelers range from $24.95 to $149 and are available in sizes to fit children, women, and men.


Aktenium (www.Aktenium.com) features 10 pages of just about any type medical alert ID bracelet and other jewelry one could imagine, including bracelets made from stainless steel. Some feature the Caduceus symbol as a dangling charm; some incorporate onyx, turquoise, and mother of pearl into the design; and some come plain and simple.

Prices range anywhere from $32 to $992. Sizes come to fit children, men, and women in the stainless steel as well as in sterling silver and in different weights of gold and gold-filled metals.

Whatever type you choose, whether it be the inexpensive, classic stainless steel or the 18k gold, the important thing is to get one. Sometime the difference between life and death can be determined by the simple act of wearing a medical alert jewelry item. So think about it the life saved just might be your own or that of a loved one.