Unless you are on the hunt for a stretch mark remedy, preventative substance, or overall the perfect skin care tool known to mankind, you most likely have not heard of squalene. As a matter of fact, it is a term bandied about by dermatologists and researchers devoted to skin care and the youthful preservation of the largest organ the human being has.

By and large, squalene may be found in a variety of different areas; being organic in nature, it is at home with flora as well as fauna. Most commonly associated with the liver of sharks, vegetarians know that they can find this compound made from rice bran, wheat germs, and even olive oil.

Shark Liver Oil

Shark liver oil since time immemorial has aided in the healing of wounds, soothing of skin irritations, and overall skin protection for fishermen and later on also their wives. From there the trade secret entered the mainstream, and to this day squalene made from shark liver oil is considered an essential ingredient by dermatologists.

Since shark liver oil is not generally considered a very marketable product in mainstream American, its premier ingredient is instead extracted and then marketed. While some have taken to include shark derived squalene in substances which are to be ingested, it has become known that squalene taken orally does precious little for skin health, whereas, when applied to the skin, it has revitalizing components.

Skin Creams

Since it is a quickly absorbed substance that also can be mixed with a host of essential oils and other ingredients, squalene both the shark variety and the one that is extracted from flora instead is a priced ingredient.

Not surprisingly, it has found its way into a number of skin care products, including a number of creams and lotions sold for the reduction and even prevention of stretch marks.

It is sometimes erroneously credited with the ability to rebuild the skins surface, when instead it is affecting the overall elasticity of the skin and thereby lessening the visibility of skin blemishes in the process.

As such, it is a powerful preventive substance but lacks the regenerating powers that would allow it to combat already existing stretch marks to the extent that other available creams may. In addition to the foregoing, for the sake of preventive care, the fact that squalene is also known for its antioxidant rich properties and its wound care abilities, you will find that not only will you protect your skin from the possibility of stretch marks, but you will also be able to affect healing of any surface wounds and lesions while at the same time protect your skin from damaging external influences.

While squalene cannot take the place of a sun-protection regimen, it can indeed be used to supplement skin care product use in between applications of sunscreen.

At this point in time there is little if any proof that shark derived squalene is superior to olive or wheat germ derived substances, although purists insist that nothing equals the power of the shark liver oil. If you purchase cosmetics that contain squalene for the sake of stretch mark prevention, make sure that the product contains at the very least 10% squalene, although the more the better.

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