Sports Therapy Massage

Theres no doubt that athletes work hard to earn their place on a team. The hours and hours of training when they might rather be in bed add up to awesome skill, and the adulation from fans might help to make up for it, but when an athletes body begins to beg for mercy, sports therapy massage comes into play.

Elite athletes and extreme exercise

Athletes put their bodies through more than most of us do. Grueling training regimens take their toll and competing in arduous events at optimum speed or endurance can sap athletes of more than energy.

Injuries are common and frequent in some sports, whereas in others, its the long-term detriment that matters more. Sports therapy massage is a vital component in any athletes physical wellbeing.

Isnt Just For Elite Athletes

In contact sports such as football, soccer and hockey, injuries are par for the course. Muscle strains, broken bones, bruises and tendon injuries are all to be expected and without sports therapy massage, these warriors of the field or rink would be so much worse off for wear. Therapy helps to heal injuries but also helps to keep muscles supple and in peak condition pre-game, when excitement and anticipation can have a team wound up like tight springs.

In athletics too, muscular issues are common. For a sprinter to use every last ounce of energy in the aim to beat a world record, its practically inevitable that the body will be pushed to extreme limits. Marathon runners are also guilty of putting their bodies under unfathomable strain. Without sports therapy massage, the bodies of these men and women would buckle under the pressure of training and competing.

How massage helps

Sports massage therapy is a specialist massage discipline that manipulates and stretches muscle and connective tissue to help boost the bodys movement and ultimately, the athletes performance.

Used in concert with a specific diet, well-fitting clothing and shoes, a healthy lifestyle and a finely-honed mental attitude, this kind of physical therapy is an essential part of the fine tuning that goes on to help an athlete reach optimal fitness and performance.

Muscular congestion

Away from the sporting arena, however, sports therapy massage can help the rest of us too. If youve ever experienced soreness, tightness, strain, pain or weakness in a muscle or muscle group, then you might be experiencing muscle congestion. Sports massage therapists work to decongest the muscles and improve their condition which, in turn, alleviates the symptoms that are preventing you from carrying out your regular tasks.

Using deep tissue remedial massage, therapists are able to decongest the muscles, restore circulation and improve the muscles functionality. This is exactly what they do for athletes, but the same treatment methods are beneficial to people who find themselves in pain and discomfort as a result of an injury or from overworking those particular muscles.

Poor posture and body aches and pains

Sometimes, inadequate posture can cause uncomfortable pressure tension in the body. This can occur over a long period of standing or sitting without consideration of appropriate posture. Sports therapy massage can help to alleviate the symptoms and begin to correct the postural inadequacies, as long as the patient is prepared to follow the therapists advice and implement the exercises recommended.

Old injuries can be helped

People who have sustained injuries or muscle trauma a short or long time ago will also benefit from sports therapy massage. Sometimes, even though it may seem that the injury was healed around the time it occurred, it can recur years later in the form of stiffness, pain or immobility. Treating the area with massage can be extremely beneficial and bring welcome relief to the suffering patient.

Whether you are an elite athlete looking to optimize your performance, a some-time golfer who experiences shoulder pain on a regular basis, or a person who has allowed his or her posture to destabilize your bodys best functionality, sports therapy massage is recommended to bring you relief, enhancement and better muscular health.