Spider Vein Removal Treatments

Spider veins are clusters of red, blue or purple veins that surface on the skin. This is from an added pressure on a certain area that causes blood vessels to cluster. Thighs, calves, and ankles usually will have spider veins on them, which most consider unattractive. If you have spider veins and are looking for a way to cover them up, you can use cosmetic surgery to get a better look on your legs.

Spider veins received their name through the patterns that they create on your leg. Most of these blood vessels will be seen as a spider shape. However, some look similar to a group of branches and others that are simply lines that are formed on your legs. Spider veins can appear as early as teenage years, but are more common in women who are older. They are often a result of pregnancy, being overweight, or sitting or standing for long periods.


Spider veins are usually treated with a cosmetic surgery known as sclerotherapy. This simple cosmetic surgery procedure can be used. An injection of sclerosing solution will be placed into the area with the spider veins. This will cause them to fade or collapse so they are no longer noticeable on your leg or ankle area.

One of the affects to keep in mind with sclerotherapy is that it will not cause the complete disappearance of spider veins. The veins are proven lighter after a treatment; however, it may take a longer period for them to disappear. After sclerotherapy, it is still possible for new veins to appear in the same place and cause the same cosmetic discomfort.

How it Works

The procedure for sclerotherapy is one of the simpler cosmetic surgery procedures. An injection will be put into your leg for every inch of spider veins that are present. After one injection is made, a cotton ball will be placed over the area as a cushion for the stress that was added from the injection. You may feel a slight pain during or after the procedure and some burning is often felt; however, it will not last.

After two days, you can remove the cotton balls that were placed over the injected areas. You may feel some cramping after the cosmetic surgery procedure, but this is known to improve after one or two days. There will also be bruising and red discoloration on your leg that may last for one to two months. Walking after surgery will help prevent blood clots or problems that are more serious. Your walking schedule should be consistent and regular for up to two months after surgery.

If you have spider veins on your legs, then you can get cosmetic surgery to improve the look. Spider veins, while harmless to functioning, are often a cosmetic nuisance to women who often wear shorts or skirts. Because of this, sclerotherapy can help to improve the look of legs. By reducing the spider veins, you will notice an improved image of smoother and cosmetically satisfying legs.

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