Snoring Related Products

If youre looking to treat a snoring problem, there are tons of different snoring-related products on the market. Sifting through them and seeing which ones are worth it can be a real hassle, and you can spend a lot of money without solving your problem if you arent careful. In this article, well discuss the basis of the many types of treatments available.

The different treatments out there are only effective if you understand exactly why you have your personal snoring problem. Before making any buying decisions, do your best to find out what may be causing your problem.


There are specialized pillows, mouth pieces, breathing strips, throat sprays, and a host of other solutions out there. “Snorban” is one type of mouthpiece that is commonly sold to alleviate the symptoms of snoring. However, this product has now been banned for sale in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration. This goes to show that not every marketed solution can really meet the needs for your snoring issues, and some can be downright dangerous.

Throat Sprays

Throat sprays such as “Snoreless” work by using such nutrients as Vitamin C, E, and B-6 as well as olive oil, sunflower oil, peppermint oil, and almond oil to lubricate the throat and the uvula, causing less friction while sleeping.

Specialized pillows such as the “Better Sleep Pillow” incorporate the use of sophisticated fibers such as visco-elastic memory foam to offer varying types of neck support, allowing your airway to be unrestricted by the angle of your neck while you sleep.

Nasal Strips

Nasal strips such as the “Breathe right nasal strip” involve a piece of flexible plastic embedded in a sticking plaster. This product is placed directly on the nose, spreading the nostrils apart for more air access. It helps to clear clogged nostrils blocking air paths that may be causing sleeping disorders such as snoring. Nasal strips tend to be pretty helpful to most snorers while keeping cost at a minimum.

If your snoring problem only occurs when you sleep on your back, theres a low-cost solution that works just as well as any product on the market. Simply place a tennis ball in a sock, and attach it to the back of your pajama pants with a safety pin. The ball will obstruct you from sleeping on your back, causing you to sleep on your side, getting you into the habit. There are variations on this idea that are marketed and sold, but the gains from the purchased products are negligible compared to this simple solution.

When using products to help your snoring problem, you need to realize that not every solution works for everyone. Different people require different solutions to help alleviate snoring. What works wonders for one may fail to meet the needs of another. Your best bet is to heavily research the products you plan on trying before purchasing, so that you can make a sound consumer decision. Check out consumer review pages to try to establish what treatments have worked for others and which products are merely well-marketed scams.