Slowing a Fast Metabolism

There are many things that may cause your metabolism to slow. Understanding what may slow down your metabolism may help you if you wish to lose weight. You do not want to slow down your metabolism if you want to lose weight. You want to speed up, or boost your metabolism in order to lose weight.

Some things that may slow down your metabolism include fasting (not eating), or being on a low-caloric diet, not getting enough physical activity each day, eating or drinking too many liquids or foods that contain sugar, your body has more fat than lean muscle, and poor sleeping habits.

Metabolic Efficiency

Your body wants to process food as efficiently as possible by burning calories as you eat. It distributes energy from the food you eat to different parts of the body that require the energy to function. The more efficient your metabolism is, the quicker you burn calories from the food you eat.

When you have an efficient metabolism your fitness level will be top-notch, you will feel better and you’ll be able to eat more than if your metabolism is slow.

Metabolism in simple terms is the amount of calories that your body burns each day. In order to have optimum metabolism you need an adequate amount of healthy food, vitamins and nutrients necessary for optimum nutrition, and water of at least 64 ounces each day. Think of food intake as energy. We need energy to perform all of our bodily functions from breathing, to moving our muscles, to smiling, crying or walking. When we move a lot like when we exercise we require more energy, so more calories are burned.

Basal Metabolic Rates

Certain bodily functions are always performing such as breathing and your heart beats constantly so you always need energy. This is why metabolism is essential for life. Without metabolism a living creature would die. The larger your body the fewer calories you use and the smaller your body the more energy you use (like kids) so you use more calories. The more active you are the more calories you use so the faster your metabolism goes. The more muscles you have the faster your metabolism too. Males have 10% to 15% faster metabolism because they have more lean muscle tissue then women do.

Metabolism is influenced by any things such as age (older the slower the metabolism after age 40), activity level (higher the activity level the higher the metabolism), sex (males have faster metabolism than females), and the amount of muscle you have (the more the faster the metabolism), genetics also plays a role in your metabolism.