Sleep with a Snorer?

How many times have you complained to a friend about the incessant snoring of your partner? Youve talked about how tired you feel with the endless interruptions of your nights sleep because your husbands snoring is window shattering loud. Or maybe youve compared it to a motorcycle engine, a thunderstorm or a chainsaw.

If so, you are not alone. Women all across the world have the same problem. For you guys whose wives snore, you have to admit the noise is not as loud and rarely does it disturb your sleep. For women with snoring parents it is quiet different. Men simply snore louder.

Believe it or not snoring has become such an insurmountable problem that it has become grounds for divorce. The lack of sleep, base on the nighttime snore serenade, of both partners can create multiple problems in a relationship. Two overtired people are not as likely to be patient with each other.

Causes Arguments

One blames the other for their lack of sleep. The snorer becomes fed up with the daily blame while still having to cope with his own state of tiredness. Work suffers for both of them and so does their home life.

In studies done on snoring and relationships over half the couples agreed that the nightly noise caused severe arguments. Eighty percent said they often slept in another room just to try and get a good night sleep. Ten percent said it was bad enough that they thought seriously about leaving their spouse.

Often the pleas of the non-snoring partner are ignored, as the snorer does not believe anything can be done. This is seen as a very negative reaction by the non-snorer who often becomes convinced that her partner is just doing it to annoy her. This impacts on the whole relationship. It also impacts on the intimate relationship of the couple in a negative way. Twenty five percent of couples being studied confirmed that problem.

And Works Against Relaxation

As well, if a couple chooses to sleep in separate rooms, it not only affects their sex life, but also affects the end of the night relax and chat time that a couple shares. In a relationship these are important non-sexual intimate moments that play a pivotal role in keeping two people tuned into one another.

Sometimes it gets to a point where the couple must decide if their relationship is worth rescuing. Theyre spending less time together, sleeping in separate rooms or the non-snoring partner is either spending too much of the night awake or with a pillow over her ears. Fortunately, if you value your partner there are things that can be done to save the relationship.

Begin by seeing your doctor. That could determine the next step in what snoring cures to try. Some may be no more than simple lifestyle changes while others may include the use of appliances or other devices. After all the nighttime difficulties, if you want to keep your relationship on track sometimes sacrifices are needed on both sides.