Sleep Apnea Mask

For many sleep apnea sufferers, it is unfortunate that they must wear more than their pyjamas. For some, a dental device is necessary to keep their airways open as they sleep, and for others, the use of a CPAP machine is vital to maintain a regular and consistent flow of oxygen into their lungs. A sleep apnea mask is one of the components of a CPAP machine and although it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable to wear to bed all night, it can mean the difference between a good nights sleep and lousy sleep, or even life and death in severe cases.

For those who depend on CPAP apparatus for successful sleep every single night, the kind of sleep apnea mask that comes with it is very important. Naturally, comfort is high on the list of priorities and some standard masks that are supplied with machines are not the best in terms of comfort.

A Personally Molded Sleep Apnea Mask Makes Life Much Easier

It is possible to buy personally molded sleep apnea masks. Designed to be lightweight and to fit the contours of the wearers face, it is more than a proverbial breath of fresh air to appreciative patients. Due to its unique shaping, the air leakage concerns are minimized, meaning that the CPAP is able to deliver air more efficiently.

The personally molded sleep apnea mask includes sealing rings that are designed fit the nostril openings extremely well. The nose is accommodated comfortable in the design and this means less waking due to discomfort.

Wearing a sleep apnea mask that is designed to fit like a second skin results in far better sleep experiences for the patient, and after all, this is what the treatment is all about. Any old mask can help a CPAP machine deliver consistent oxygen flow to a patients lungs but one that is custom made for the patient will do an even better job.

In fact, some personally molded masks even reduce the noise made by up to 70%. Thats an excellent quality considering that the sufferers bed partner must contend with the noise as well.

Back sleepers

Traditionally, CPAP masks have meant that patients must sleep on their backs, which may or may not be suitable to the patient. A personally molded sleep apnea mask allows the patient to sleep on their side if they wish because it is far less likely to come loose or slide to the side, reducing its efficiency.

Justifying the added expense

The cost of a personally molded sleep apnea mask works out to be about $1 per night, depending on the supplier. It requires a trip to their offices to have a facial impression taken, which takes around ten minutes and is not at all stressful. In fact, it is no more invasive than wearing the actual mask itself. The completed mask is then mailed to you when ready.

The added expense of a personally molded sleep apnea mask is offset by the fact that due to its increased comfort, it is less likely to become damaged during sleep. Also, it is more likely to be used and not cast aside out of frustration so value for money is enhanced. The masks feature Velcro straps that, once adjusted, dont require any further adjustment for the patient. Each night, the patient simply slips the mask on in a matter of seconds. In the morning, cleaning is a very simple matter.

Personally molded sleep apnea masks can be fitted to any CPAP machine.