Skincare for Rosacea Acne

Everyone would like to have clean, clear and natural looking skin. Clear skin is the mark of a healthy person. However, for those that suffer from the skin condition called rosacea, clear skin is just a dream. When you suffer from rosacea, the small blood vessels under your skin dilate causing red, irritated and bumpy skin.

The severity of rosacea does vary from person to person, but one thing is certain, if you have rosacea, you will do whatever you can do make sure your flare ups stay at a minimum.

Most doctors and dermatologists will tell you that there is something that you can do about your flareups when you have rosacea. You can prevent rosacea outbreaks by following a few general guidelines, and by determining what kind of triggers affects your rosacea.

Every case of rosacea is different and every person is different. When you suffer from rosacea, you need to understand what affects your skin and what you can do to maintain a clean and clear complexion. Here are some common things that many rosacea patients do to prevent outbreaks.

Watch What you Eat

Not everybody that suffers from rosacea finds food to be a problem, however a large majority of rosacea patients do find that some foods triggers outbreaks. If you suffer from rosacea, then you should avoid foods that will cause your flareups to worsen. These can include spicy or hot news, some dairy products such as sour cream and yogurt, liver, citrus fruits, and foods that contain histamines.

You will also want to make sure that you keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding alcohol and hot beverages. Hot chocolate coffee and tea may also trigger flare-ups and for some people caffeine can also be a problem.


Almost everybody that suffers from rosacea will tell you that their skin on their face is dry and itchy. Find a good hypoallergenic and fragrance free moisturizer and use it at least twice a day. Make sure you shop around for a good moisturizer that will not exacerbate your rosacea problems. For example moisturizers that contained a lot of fragrance, dyes, coloring or artificial ingredients may make your rosacea worse.

Get a Doctors Advice

Of course, one of the best things that you can do to prevent your rosacea from getting worse is to make sure that you get your doctors advise. Your doctor or dermatologist is an excellent source for information when it comes to your rosacea outbreaks. He or she can recommend the proper treatment for your condition. This will also ensure that you receive the right treatment so that your rosacea does not progress.

Your doctor can also give you an oral or topical antibiotic to help treat the pustules that often form in more severe cases of rosacea outbreaks. You want to make sure that you always tell your doctor about your medical history and any prescription drugs you may be taking so that he or she can understand your rosacea.