Skin Problems and Ovarian Cancer Treatments

Chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and even tumors have a way of affecting the way your skin will look and feel. While those with naturally darker skin do not display very obvious coloration changes, those with light colored skin are more often than not a veritable advertisement for their condition and treatments.

Most commonly the white around the pupils and also the skin may take on a slight yellow coloring that at times may become mottled. You will find that you bruise a lot more easily and that these bruises stay with you much longer than they used to. In some cases your skin will suddenly break out into a rash or painful hives and even the slightest scratching will cause painful swelling.

Only Skin Deep?

Accommodating skin irregularities while undergoing ovarian cancer treatments is not as easy as simply putting on some makeup; due to the widespread nature of these side effects, the application of makeup is not usually feasible. Although annoying, in winter the display of such skin changes is largely covered up and treatment is easier; in the summer, however, there is a lot more skin visible and women find that more often than not they are at a loss as to what to do.

Fortunately, you do have options-

  • Lukewarm baths can soothe skin and also relieve bad cases of itching. If soap aggravates the condition, put a little bit of baking soda into the tub with you. You physician may have suggestions and even prescriptions to help prevent your scratching your skin if it itches incessantly.
  • Invest in some free flowing cotton clothes. You may find that they are comfortable even in the summer if they are breathable and you still have the option of covering up your arms and legs. Although they would not pass muster at the beach, they will do nicely for everyday activities, such as shopping or working. In addition to the foregoing, cotton is the most hypoallergenic substance to place next to your skin and you may find that it will even feel acceptable next to skin that is currently covered with an itchy red rash.
  • You skin is going to burn a lot quicker when you undergo radiation therapy. Consistently apply sunscreen on your skin and choose a brand that is specifically formulated for baby skin. Stay out of the sun as much as possible and do not try to use a tanning salon in the hopes of evening out your skin tone, especially if it is yellowed in some spots but not in others. Instead, use theatrical makeup that is mixed to your normal skin color to even out the tone.

Although accommodating skin irregularities while undergoing ovarian cancer treatments is a frustrating experience for many women who are already dealing with hair loss issues and a host of other side effects, taking care of anticipated side effects proactively can go a long ways to preserving your self image.

Do not wait for mottled skin to appear to begin, babying this vital organ and instead incorporate proper skin care into your daily routine as soon as possible to make it just a normal part of your everyday tasks rather than yet another activity forced upon you by your cancer.