Self Help for Snorers

The cause of snoring will vary from person to person as will the frequency and volume of the snore. One thing is for sure though snoring can be a huge problem for the snorer and everyone else living in the same household.

Ironically, many people do not question the fact that they or a partner snores. If they lived next door to neighbours who made the same amount of noise every night you can bet that they would have a great deal to say, but because the noise and disturbance is generated by snoring, it is accepted as a fact of life.

There is no doubt that snoring can place enormous strain on relationships with the sleepless partner becoming more irritable and resentful as night after night they are denied the sleep they need. In fact, snoring need not be tolerated. It need not be endured and a good nights sleep should be available to everyone.

First Steps in Snoring Reduction

The first step in reducing or stopping snoring is to get a medical check up to ensure there is no potentially serious medical condition underlying the complaint.

Having established that, the next step is to take a critical look at yourself and your lifestyle. Are you truly an ideal weight for your height? If not, it could simply be the excess weight that is causing the snoring. Lose the weight and you will lose your snore.

Have you ever had an allergic reaction to anything? Have you ever had hayfever, asthma or eczema? If so, there may be some kind of allergic response that is causing inflammation of your mucous membranes which in turn will lead to snoring. Ask your partner if your snoring is worse some times than others and see if you can find a link perhaps between a time of year or a food stuff and your snoring.

Mucous will restrict airways and dairy products can be very mucous forming. It is worth eliminating milk and cheese from your diet for a month to see if your snoring improves.

Sleep on your back rather than your front, especially if you have a lot of excess weight around your neck.

Exercise will improve your oxygen uptake levels, increase your metabolism, help reduce any excess weight you carry and generally make you feel better. If you dont believe me try it for a month and see if Im not right!


If you are still snoring after trying all of the above you may like to consider being tested for Candida overgrowth. This naturally occurring fungus can run wild inside and outside the body. It thrives in warm moist conditions so mucous membranes are ideal. You may like to experiment with the anti-Candida diet to see if your snoring improves it simply requires you to avoid anything containing yeast or that has fermented or has any association with mould or fungi. This means you eliminate bread, alcohol, cheese, mushrooms and fruit.

Still snoring? Well surgery remains an option although this can be expensive, is very painful and does not have a 100% success rate. The other option of course, is ear plugs.