Sciatic Back Pain

Many people experience the troublesome symptoms of back pain, but few realize exactly what can be causing their problem. There are many different reasons that one may experience back pain, and they range from simple factors such as stress to advanced complications such as herniated discs in the central nervous system. Well focus here on a specific form of back pain that is known as sciatica.

Its a type of back pain that affects both the back and the legs, and it can really cause an interruption of your life. Well provide you with all that you need to know about this form of back pain so that you can better understand the symptoms and the ways of treating the problem.

Where is the Pain

Sciatica is a worrisome affliction that causes pain to be felt within the lower back and the legs. The pain associated with sciatica may exist as low as the foot, and may reach upwards of the hips and into the lower back. While the uncontrollable pain is the most common effect of sciatica, it may also cause numbness to occur throughout the leg as well as causing an inability to move the legs as well as you should.

To understand sciatica, you need to understand the structure of the spine. The spine consists of many separate bones known as vertebrates, and there are many nerves running throughout it. These nerves control much of the pain sensations that we feel in our bodies, and for that reason, when they are aggravated, the results can be devastating to your well-being.

In cases of sciatica, the nerve root located at the base of the spine is compressed. One of the most common reasons that sciatica occurs in a patient is the fact that they have a herniated spinal disc that is pressing downward on the sciatic nerve.

Diagnosing sciatica is a relatively easy procedure. Most often, doctors employ the usage of magnetic resonance imaging machines in order to see the structure of the bones and nerves. Through this methodology, the doctors can easily tell what they need to do in order to help you with your sciatica problem.


When it comes to treating sciatica, there are a few different methods employed. When the sciatica is occurring due to the presence of a herniated disc, most doctors recommend pain medication as the solution. A full nine out of ten cases of sciatica that occur due to a herniated disc correct themselves on their own.

For those who wish to have some sort of treatment, however, physical therapy and massage are two common methods of clearing up the issue. Anti-inflammatory medications can also help to clear up the problem and lessen the pain.

Chiropractic help has been shown to have a little short-term merit when it comes to treating sciatica, but most often, the patient has to wait for the affliction to dissipate naturally. If you feel that you may have a case of sciatica, you should speak to a doctor to get an MRI performed in order to diagnose the severity of your problem.

Sciatica Back Pain Exercise

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