‘Scandal’ star Columbus Short arrested for public intoxication

Actor Columbus Short ended his Fourth of July celebrations in jail, reports TMZ.com.

The former Scandal star was enjoying the festivities at a popular bar, Katy Trail Ice House, in Dallas. After spending four hours drinking, witnesses report that Short rose and attempted to leave — without paying his bar tab.

According to witnesses, Short, 31, was then stopped by a security guard who began talking to him. The actor reportedly began screaming at the guard.

Onlookers reported that Short accused the black security guard of racism. The altercation then escalated.

Several off-duty police officers, who work at the club on weekends, broke up the fight. Short then became even more angry, directing his ire at the off-duty officers.

Short was then arrested for public intoxication.

The arrest occurred around 2 a.m. early Saturday morning, according to People.com.

This is not the actor’s first run-in with police. Short currently faces a spousal battery case following claims by his estranged wife that he tried to kill her in February.

Two weeks after that alleged incident, Short was arrested for another domestic violence dispute.

In May, Short was arrested for assault after allegedly “sucker-punching” a man in a restaurant. The man filed a $1 million lawsuit against the actor in Los Angeles on Monday. In the lawsuit, the man claims that the assault was “unwarranted and cowardly.”

Following his departure from Scandal, Short plans to pursue a music career.

No word yet on whether Short has been released on bond following his arrest for public intoxication.