Saunders Cervical Hometrac

As far as cervical traction tools are considered, Saunders has a widespread reputation. Saunders started production in 1982 and since then has catered to many thousands of health care professionals. Saunders has specifically designed traction units with the purpose of using it at home. These units are convenient and easy to carry around when compared to those which had to be fastened over doors. That is why this product is named the Saunders Cervical Hometrac.

Saunders Cervical HometracWhile purchasing a traction unit for neck pain, there are some things that need to be kept in mind. Traction therapy would be futile if the traction unit used is not high-quality. When traction is being applied, muscles are unable to relax and stretch. When there is muscle resistance, the therapy will not be effective. This can be decreased if the person is in a lounging position. The Hometrac allows traction application in this position.

The user can lie at a 15 degree angles, which puts you more at ease. This way, maximum relaxation can be guaranteed leading to quicker healing. Jaw joints are often the points of discomfort in traction, Hometrac takes care of this. The point traction is pushed towards the back of the head and away from the chin. Apart from these factors, the unit is more user friendly than bulky piece of equipment.

Saunders Hometrac model has several features that will aid towards effectual traction therapy. Some of them are as follows:
1. A track that is devoid of friction. It possesses an air cylinder that provides for even application of traction and helps n stretching of the neck and upper back.
2. A new pump design has added to the model that will execute appropriate traction where necessary. It pumps, maintains and releases air at the right places and instances. Also, leaks are removed in this manner.
3. Because this unit is so handy, a person can use it themselves without help. The user can slip it on the forehead because of its strap design and adjustment knobs.
4. To maintain constancy in treatment, the unit gauge is calibrated in both pounds and kilograms. This will help in giving the user feedback too.
5. Safety measures are very important too in therapy. To make your therapy secure, a pressure valve is also provided. This will restrict the air pressure to fifty pounds, thereby safeguarding against accidental leaks.
6. If the need arises, the traction can be shifted from 15 degrees to 20 degrees and even 25 degrees, as the treatment demands change.
7. The neck wedges that are attached to the unit can be cleaned easily and even replaced.
8. The head pad is made of vinyl. This material is also easy to clean.

Saunders had created different models within this Hometrac unit to cater to disparate needs. Apart from the original, there is also the Deluxe model that has more options for the user. This can be used for a clinical settings as well. The neck wedges can be rotated to fit the position you find comfortable. A hand held pneumatic pump will let you maintain complete control over the pressure of air.