Sample Diet for Gestational Diabetes

Before you start working out a sample diet for gestational diabetes it is important to understand exactly what it is. To begin with, this is the form of diabetes that is only present during pregnancy; in addition, while it can strike women of any ethnic background it is much more common for African American, American Indians, and even Hispanic American women to develop gestational diabetes.

Because this form of diabetes occurs during pregnancy it is very important to carefully follow a diet plan to ensure you are eating properly to protect your health, as well as the health of your baby.

Diet Considerations

A diet for someone with diabetes is very important; add pregnancy to the mix and the already important diet is now an absolute necessity that cannot be ignored. You must change your diet habits to ensure you are eating plenty of healthy and nutritious foods or else you can put yourself at risk.

While putting yourself at risk may be something you are personally willing to do, it is important to realize that you are also affecting the health of your baby.

In order to eat as healthy as possible you should increase the amount of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains that you are consuming. Switching to foods that are low in calories as well as fat is the best choices you can make.

It is also vitally important to reduce the amount of food you are eating from restaurants, especially fast food restaurants because the food found there tends to be very high in calories and fat, and quite low in nutrients.

Seeking Professional Help

Because you are pregnant, it is very important to work with a nutritionist as well as your doctor to put together your best diet. The reason for this is because while most people with diabetes need to lose some weight, it is generally not a good idea to lose weight while you are pregnant which makes the eating needs of a pregnant woman very special.

In addition, it is very important to remember that your doctor will give you an ideal weight gain goal at the beginning of your pregnancy, this gain goal should be closely monitored to ensure you do not gain too much weight. At the same time, if you do not gain enough weight because you are dieting too much then your diet for gestational diabetes can actually cause a lot of problems with your babys development.

Final Considerations

As you can imagine most women are highly concerned about their weight, but because most women are concerned about their weight pregnancy is not the time to place huge emphasis upon losing the weight. It is instead important to work towards making long term improvements in your eating habits so that you are healthier during the pregnancy as well as after the pregnancy.

This can mean both major and minor eating habits that should be incorporated into your meal times so that you are improving your health in the long term, rather than simply the short term only.

As your pregnancy, progresses you may need to adapt your sample diet for gestational diabetes to adapt to your changing nutritional needs. With the work of your doctor, you should be able to enjoy the need to take fewer medications, better health, and a healthier lifestyle for your baby.

Image: Anthea Sieveking, Wellcome Images