Safe Laser Eye Surgery Tips

If you are considering having laser eye surgery performed, it is important to remember that this is a surgical procedure. As such, even though the success rate is extremely high, there is the potential of something happening that is either unforeseen or due to human error.

That is why, in order to have safe laser eye surgery performed, it is critical that you are completely comfortable with the laser clinic that you have selected, the staff and the surgeon who will be performing this procedure. To minimize your risk, it is therefore important that a number of processes be accomplished to check the experience and reputation of the clinic.

First of all, it is important to know that safe laser eye surgery is the common experience for many who undergo this procedure. However, a checklist evaluating the clinic and staff would include asking for referrals and asking the staff a number of questions that will increase your level of comfort with those that will be attending you.

The Safety of Laser Eye Surgery

One of the common concerns expressed by those who are considering laser eye surgery is the potential of losing their eyesight. It is important to understand that there have been significant strides in laser eye surgery. It has been recently reported in various medical journals that the incidences of complications has been reduced significantly.

The reality of safe laser eye surgery has become so commonplace that the miniscule percentage of patients experiencing side effects and difficulties were reduced from a reported five percent down to one percent of patients who received the surgery.

Furthermore, those complications were not permanent and negative results were resolved through additional treatments. Additionally, it is important to note that permanent or partial loss of eyesight, due to complications, was exceptionally rare.

The Key to a Positive Experience

Choosing the right surgeon to perform the operation is the foundation to a safe laser eye surgery experience. Selecting the right surgeon can be accomplished through a number of processes. These processes include the use of referrals from your regular eye doctor, friends, neighbors and business acquaintances who may have undergone this successful procedure.

In addition, when investigating the various surgeons available, there are numerous web sites and associations that can be contacted that will provide a list of certified surgeons that can perform safe laser eye surgery. Also, a reputable surgeon will take you through the various steps that will explain the procedure and your being a good candidate for the Lasik surgical procedure.

Another key aspect to safe laser eye surgery is being comfortable with the staff at the eye care clinic. The technicians and other supporting staff should give the air of professionalism. Also, you should be comfortable with their knowledge and expertise in the familiarity with the equipment that will be used in the performance of the surgery.

It is highly recommended that, because it is your precious eyesight, that you ask numerous questions. These questions should be answered to your satisfaction and should leave no doubt in your mind and heart as to the capability of those that will be assisting in the surgical procedure.