Review of the Samsung Gear Fit

In the tradition of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, the Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker and heart rate monitor teams up with your Android smartphone or tablet for constant fitness monitoring.

With the ability to provide alerts and motivation to keep you headed toward your fitness goals, this intelligent bracelet/watch can be personalized to fit your mood. As high-tech as it is functional, the stylish and versatile Samsung Gear Fit begs for a closer inspection.

Key Feature of Samsung’s Gear Fit

* Compatible with most Samsung Galaxy devices
* Works 24/7 for all-day activity tracking
* Light but durable design, with dust and water resistance
* Curved and multicolored Super AMOLED display
* Alerts you instantly of incoming notifications and messages

What Makes The Samsung Gear Fit a Good Value?

Designed by Samsung as a companion fitness device for the Galaxy line of smartphones and mobile devices, the Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker also works with most Android devices running the 4.2.2 version of that operating system.

Worn simply on your wrist, the high-tech device looks futuristic and fashionable. It is intended to be worn all day and night, constantly providing real-time delivery of important health and fitness levels.

The built-in heart rate monitor responds to your touch, and Samsung S Health programming allows you to set and reach multiple fitness goals. The device even offers real-time coaching while you workout or exercise, so you stay constantly motivated.

Visually, the Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker looks great on your wrist. The adjustable design fits both men and women, and interchangeable screens and bands allows you to customize your look.

Working in tandem with your Samsung Galaxy device or compatible Android product, this intelligent fitness tracker also lets you view e-mails, texts and notifications on its 1.84 inch Super AMOLED color touch screen.


This is an extremely lightweight device. The Gear Fit weighs less than 1 ounce (just 27 grams), and arrives with a wall adapter, charging cradle and quick start guide. Durability tests showed full functionality after being submerged in 1 meter of water for as many as 30 minutes.

The idea behind this smart watch design is to allow you to monitor and track your progress toward fitness goals, while also providing you smartphone functionality without having to reach for your Galaxy or Android device. With notifications and alerts for texts, calls, e-mails and other applications, while delivering a stylish and good-looking design, the Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker makes a good buy for the tech and fitness minded individual.