Review of Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up

As a complete push-up training system for those that want to target every possible muscle, the Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up is an inexpensively priced and extremely portable, easy-to-store piece of fitness equipment.

Offering multiple variations to the traditional palms down push-up, as well as better support and safety, this color-coded fitness device for men and women of all ages deserves an in-depth investigation.

Features of Maximum Fitness Gear’s Power Press Push Up

* Includes a free Tone and Burn workout DVD
* Designed for all fitness levels
* Unique Plug & Press system supports multiple push-up variations
* Nonslip hand grips are cushioned and guarantee safe workouts
* Compact and simple design makes for extreme portability requiring minimal storage space

Does the Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up Make a Smart Purchase?

The portability of this push-up fitness system takes away any excuses for not getting the workout you need whether you are at home, in the office or on the road. The Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up also effectively addresses one of the problems with most traditional workouts – boredom.

Instead of repeating the same exercises over and over, and only working certain parts of your upper body, this push-up system seriously maximizes your workout in every possible way. Maximum Fitness Gear has designed a colour-coded, flat push-up platform with quick-switching Plug & Press handlebars to offer a multitude of push-up variants.

This set is recommended for users up to 300 pounds in weight. You simply insert the heavy-duty hand grips into different color-coded positions for targeting different areas of your upper body and arms.

It is perfect for building your shoulders, back, chest and triceps, as well as your upper and lower arms.

The board on which this system is based has been reinforced across the bottom, and the handles used to perform every push-up are solidly built. These are metal handles and not plastic, which you find in many push-up systems.

The different hole placements on the push-up board were designed at the perfect angle to provide the best possible workout, and the accompanying workout DVD makes sense for varying fitness levels.

The inexpensive but versatile and portable Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up package includes the above-mentioned DVD, a workout calendar, a Workout of the Day (WOD) plan and a 10 week program to deliver the best overall results in just 30 minutes a day.

The ease of use, light weight, low price and versatile performance make this complete push-up training system a smart buy for those of all fitness levels.

Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up

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