Home Remedies for Snoring

Want to find a way to aid your snoring problem with simple remedies found around the house? There actually are numerous answers to snoring that require little to no purchase.

Snoring Exercises

One method of curing snoring yourself is doing soft palate exercises. This helps strengthen the muscles in your throat that play a part in snoring when they are lax. Many have claimed that this approach is a good one, and it couldnt hurt to try.

You can exercise the soft palate part of your throat with the following workout:

    -Put the tip of your tongue on your palate.
    -Then, do your best to suck hard against the back of your tongue.
    -When done correctly, you should feel the muscles in your palate straining and tightening.

Experiment a little bit, finding the best way to tighten and release your palates muscles; once you get the hang of it, youll be toning up your palate in no time!

Sleeping Position

Another bit of advice offered as a home remedy is a solution for those who only snore when they sleep on their back; stop sleeping on your back.

This can be pulled off simply by taking a tennis ball and putting it in a sock, and pinning the sock to the back of your sleepwear pants. The ball makes it uncomfortable for you to lay on your back, causing you to naturally fall asleep on your side. A comparable approach encourages sewing objects into the back of your pajama shirts so that you cant sleep on your back without uneasiness.

Before Bedtime Advice

Many practices that aid a snoring problem are simply to follow particular behaviors; dont drink alcohol before bed, as this relaxes your throat muscles so much that they can come into contact with the other parts of your throat, causing an obstruction.

Also, keep from eating dairy products before bed, as mucus buildup caused by them sometimes clogs the throat. If you use a lot of pillows, consider putting a few away. The higher the stack pillows you sleep on, the larger an angle your air way has to conform to. This can cause obstruction, leading to heavy snoring. These home remedies and advice are only a few helpful tips on what you can do; its important to know exactly what youre dealing with so that you can treat the problem correctly.

Use Common Sense

When talking home remedies, its valuable to remember that not every problem can be solved yourself. If your snoring is highlighted by night sweats, gasping or choking, or just feeling generally tired in the daytime, there is a chance that you may have sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that requires serious attention. If these symptoms sound like what you are facing, talk to your doctor and get a screened for sleep apnea; it can cause more serious problems like irregular heartbeats and even stroke if left untreated.