Relationship Help with Menopause

Couples who deal with menopause have different relationship challenges to tackle than at other points in their lives together. It challenges each person in the relationship on an individual level, and it also challenges them as partners. It can be both a physical and an emotional battle for both partners.

For women, it is difficult to get the male partner in the relationship to understand the changes she faces in her body. It can be equally as difficult to get him to empathize with those changes. Communication is the key to helping with relationships during menopause for both halves of the relationship.

Emotional Upheaval

During menopause, there are so many emotions that may have been previously unexpressed in a relationship. Because of the nature of menopause, those hopes, dreams, and problems that were previously unexpressed tend to surface, and fights begin to occur.

Many women physically and emotionally push their partners away because they feel unable to relate to them on a physical level.

It is essential for a man to understand that a woman’s lack of sexual desire may be hormonal changes or it may be something else entirely. The best thing to do is for both partners in the relationship to talk about menopause before it happens. Familiarize yourself with the problems associated with menopause so that you will be prepared for the serious changes you might see in your relationship.


Hormonal imbalances in women can lead to verbal fighting in couples. Emotional changes will occur in women as their hormones go up and down. They will be unable to prevent the depression, anxiety, and anger they feel over various incidents.

Moreover, it is essential that couples realize the female partner needs not be blamed for these emotional problems. She needs more attention than before, and she may even need a few extra expressions of love now and then.

To keep pace with sexual interest during this trying time, both partners will need to show the relationship a bit of extra love and care. Update each other on what helps set the mood. Remember that vaginal discomfort is quite common during these days because the lining of the vagina is decreasing.

As a result, it might be important to find a permanent result, like a good method of lubrication, for dealing with this menopause side effect.

More Talk is a Must

More than anything, couples must talk to each other as often as possible. Shutting down because one partner feels as if the other simply cannot understand the struggles he or she is going through during a woman’s menopause is not the right answer. In fact, partners may even have the desire to switch roles during this time.

Women who have never been out in the world may want to pursue new hobbies and careers. Men who have done nothing but leave the house may suddenly wish to stay home and take up hobbies like cooking.

Communicate your needs and desires to each other to avoid scuffles about your plans and intentions. Be sure to talk to each other. Bond with each other and your relationship will last a lifetime.