Reiki Treatment

A Reiki treatment is one of the most pleasurable experiences one can have. Its non-invasive, not uncomfortable, you dont have to undress for it, you can lay down, or you can sit up. Its preferable to lay down to get the most out of it as you can totally relax, but if you are unable to, for whatever reasons, then sitting is fine too.

When you first meet your Reiki Practitioner, they will take down some basic details and a brief medical history. All information is held in the strictest of confidence. You will then be asked to remove your shoes and any jewellery and lay down. They will ensure that you are comfortable, you have a pillow under your head, and that your knees are supported.

Treatment Sessions

Once you are comfortable you are invited to close your eyes and the practitioner will then commence the treatment. They will place their hands in various positions working from the top of your head down to your feet, normally in a symmetrical form.

If you prefer not to feel the slight pressure of the practitioners hands, then this is not a problem, as their hands can still give a treatment from a few centimetres away. This is particularly useful if someone may perhaps feel a little claustrophobic or is uncomfortable if someone is in such close proximity to them.

With hands being placed for a few minutes each over the eyes, the top of the head, the jaws & face, back of the head, ears, throat, heart, chest, left ribs, right ribs, waist, lower abdomen, knees and ankles, no movement takes place, just stillness.

Once the front of the body has been completed, you will be asked to turn over so that the back of the body can be treated in a similar format, the left shoulder, the right shoulder, middle of the back, waist, lower back, backs of the knees finishing off with the soles of the feet.

The practitioner will then, gently, bring you back into the present from your deeply relaxed state in an energetic but calm way. Your feet will be gently rotated, and the backs of your legs massaged in turn, followed by your arms, together with gentle massage strokes along the back.

The practitioner separates their energy field from yours and will leave you for a few moments to ‘come too.

When the practitioner returns you are invited to sit up and will be offered a glass of water. This will aid your system to flush out any toxins which has been started during the session.


After a treatment you may feel very calm and deeply relaxed. Sometimes you may feel energised, and at others you may feel tired. As you have treatments you will become more awakened to how your body feels.

After your treatment you must remember to try and drink water frequently over the next 24 hours in order to continue flushing out the toxins, as the energy still continues to work for this long after treatment.