Reflexology and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that is very similar to acupressure therapy as it coordinates major organs of the body with specific pressure points on an individuals feet as well as hands. This is a form of ancient medicine that got its start in Greek culture.

The Greeks referred to the reflexology at that time as “pressure treatment.” Soon after the Greeks began practicing it, the ancient Indians caught onto the trend and began practicing it as well. In its early years, reflexology was also referred to as zone theory or zone therapy.

Early Usage

Reflexology in the US first showed itself in the year 1913 when William H. Fitzgerald took the human body and proceeded to divide it into ten vertical zones. He noted that all of the organs of the body correspond to pressure points on the hands as well as the feet. Applying pressure to these points was supposed to bring relief to areas of the body that were in need of healing.

Reflexology, or zone theory as it was being called then, started to become even more popular in the 1930s when a woman by the name of Eunice D. Ingram extrapolated on the beginnings of the theory created by Fitzgerald. Her work on the pressure points focused on the feet and not the hands. It was Eunice D. Ingram’s work that led to the creation of the term “reflexology” which is what it is still called today.

Tension Relief

It is important to note that reflexology is not used to treat particular illnesses, infections or diseases but is instead geared towards relieving stress and tension that has built up in the body. I

t is believed that the body can relax and heal itself better if tension is reduced. It is the belief of most practitioners of reflexology that a great deal of health conditions can be traced back to an overload of tension in the body.

Reflexology is a discipline of natural healing that resolves to release much of this pent up energy in the human body and to promote self-healing. Reflexology helps to improve the way the digestive system works and it aids in proper circulation of the blood. As well reflexology helps to get rid of harmful toxins that build up in the body over time.

Chronic fatigue syndrome cannot specifically be treated by way of the discipline of reflexology however it can work to improve a sufferers overall level of health and for that reason it is a form of natural therapy that is highly recommended for CFS patients. Reflexology is an excellent stress reliever and is also known to be a good way to increase a persons ability to sleep through the night.

Reflexology provides an instrument by way a person can get back on the road to healing. Reflexology is based on the belief that our hands and feet our reflections of all of the major organs and glands in the body and that by applying pressure to particular pressure points muscles can be loosened, tension can be let out and healing can begin because the internal will benefit from this fancy kind of pressure foot massage.

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