Reflexology for Allergies

An allergy is an inappropriate response by the bodys immune system to a substance that is not usually harmful. The immune system is highly complex and helps us fight infections by identifying foreign invaders and mobilizing white blood cells to fight them.

In some people, especially those with compromised immune systems, the immune system wrongly identifies nontoxic substances and when the white blood cells go to work, they actually create more damage than if would have been left along.

Typical allergic responses are nasal congestion, cough, wheezing, itching, headache, fatigue, hives and shortness of breath. Allergens are found everywhere. Allergens can be food, molds, pollen, dust, metals, chemicals, cosmetics, etc. When allergies affect every day activities, most people see their doctor for what I like to call, “chemical bombs.”

Masking Symptoms

These medications do little but mask symptoms to help the patient feel better, when in reality they are no better off at all. Contrary to what most people think, the pharmaceutical companies are not really looking at what is best for us.

They do what they do in the name of profits and by simply masking the problems; we will always be desperate to come back for more! We must get to the root of the problem to take care of it. This is where alternative medicine and complimentary therapies can be very beneficial.


Reflexology is the practice of strategically applying pressure to areas of the feet and hands as they correspond with specific body organs.

By stimulating nerves on specific areas of the feet and hands, we can stimulate blood flow and eliminate toxin buildup in the corresponding organs and systems of the body. Reflexology also stimulates the lymphatic system and encourages the release of endorphins; natural feel good hormones to our entire system.

Reflexology is not only effective for self-healing, but has made its mark as an effective detoxification procedure as well. And, if you are unaware of the importance of detoxification, please listen up.

Toxins are everywhere. The food we eat, the products we clean ourselves with, as well as the air we breathe all contribute to the build up of toxins in our bodies. Without effectively eliminating those toxins from our organs, they will eventually wreak havoc and we will be led down the path of sickness and diseases such as cancer.

Do It Yourself

Reflexology treatment offers two treatment options: do it yourself or get see a trained reflexologist. Taking a look at your goals should help you determine which route to take. If you are looking for immediate results for an impending problem, a trained reflexologist may be the way to go.

A professional treatment is a semi affordable option if you require treatment once in a while. However, I found it more beneficial to learn the techniques myself so that I can help my family and myself whenever I need to for free. Many of the techniques are basic and can be learned quite easily.

If you want to start out simple, try to get rid of a tension headache. This is the first technique I learned. And not only did it work, it reassured me that I can treat myself.

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