Rapid Opiate Detox

The dream of most addicts and the people who care for them is a method of ridding the body of all narcotics and dampening the needs for them without the long, painful, even dangerous process of cold turkey. Thats the dream that is fulfilled by rapid opiate detox. The problem is that detoxification is not the whole cure. The dazzling results of rapid opiate detox makes it difficult to clearly see what part it plays in a cure.

Quick and Easy

There are several methods of rapid opiate detox. Most are similar to the Waismann Method which starts by sedating the addict. While the patient is unconscious, he or she undergoes a procedure that blocks the cerebral receptors from opiates.

Other types of medication are used to help the patients body handle the reactions to the rapid withdrawal. Depending on the medications and procedures used, the patient awakens after four to 48 hours without a craving for opiates and no memory of withdrawal.

Anyone familiar with addiction and detox centers knows that rapid opiate detox is not a true cure. Take the coffee fiend, a common type of addict today. Although coffee is not as addictive as narcotics, the coffee drinker will go through a mild physical withdrawal from caffeine once coffee is removed from the diet.

The Good and Bad

The symptoms will include headaches, for instance. After some time, the physical withdrawal will go away, all the caffeine will be gone from the body and the coffee fiend will be “cured.” You and I both know that the cure will last as long as the distance to the nearest coffee shop. The procedure for rapid opiate detox does not include any treatment for the problems that led to addiction in the first place.

If all of an addicts associates are addicts, the pull of friendship will be strong. If an addict is still exposed to the chronic pain, stress or emotional problems that made addiction seem like a good idea, the need for relief will be unbearable. The opiates that lead to addiction will have the same weight of temptation as ever unless the addict receives treatment for the problems that led to addiction in the first place.

The cure of rapid opiate detox is only half the solution; or maybe its less than half. While rapid opiate detox has a place in the cure, the treatment of the original problem is the real cure.