Quit Smoking with Zyban

There are many different methods to quitting smoking and a host of smoking assistors, like the patch, inhalers, acupuncture or hypnosis, each with their own rates of success.

One method that is having fairly good results is the use of an anti-depressant which has the generic name bupropion hydrochloride. It is available in one more than one brand name; Zyban and Wellbutrin XL.


Originally used only as an anti-depressant it was a surprise for many smokers as well as physicians to learn of its other benefits. This happened when smokers were given it to help with depression realized that it was diminishing their cravings for cigarettes.

Smokers should understand that it does not contain any nicotine at all. Instead it works because it affects the levels of certain chemicals that help the body lose its cravings for cigarettes.

Smoking Encouraged

People who use the patch, nicotine gum or inhalers must not smoke when they use them as they could overdose on the nicotine.

People who try medications that use Zyban are actually encouraged to continue smoking for the first two weeks they are using the medication and then begin the quitting process. This is done by setting a quitting date.

When you reach that date you stop smoking but you continue taking the medication for another six to eight weeks. This is a prescription medication and the health care provider will write the prescription for the correct dose and length of time to take the medication. Follow their direction carefully and take only what you are supposed.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The initial and difficult symptoms of withdrawal are controlled by this medication. These include irritability, depression, nervousness, agitation, impatience and often the craving of a cigarette. The success rate of this drug is between fifteen and twenty five percent though some studies have seen results of over fifty percent.

But for those who have tried and failed more than once trying a medication that is easy to take, one daily pill swallowed not chewed, can make all the difference between smoking and quitting.

Not for Everyone

This medication should not be used by everyone. Your doctor should be aware of any medical conditions you might have before prescribing it. It is not safe for those who are epileptic, not anyone who suffers from the eating disorders of bulimia or anorexia since any of these can lead to seizures. It should also not be taken by anyone who regularly drinks alcohol or takes sedatives.

Those with allergies to bupropion should make sure that they do not take this medication as an allergic reaction could be dangerous. Smokers trying to quit should not use this medication if they are already using an anti-depressant. It is also risky for people with diabetes, or those who use illegal drugs and over the counter sleep aids because of the possibility of seizures.

The recommended dose for most smokers trying to quit is three hundred milligrams. Those with some medical problems can use a half dose of one hundred and fifty milligrams. But, this is something that will be decided to by the health care provider.