Quit Smoking Support

Like alcoholics anonymous there are similar groups for those who are trying to quit smoking. They have different names, deepening on their affiliations, but they operate in basically the same way.

They are there for people to join to help each other quit smoking. The smokers anonymous group follows a twelve step program designed to be very similar to the ones used by AA.

12 Steps

These steps, which have a religious undertone to them, are designed for the smoker to come to terms that it is their fault that they smoke, but that they can, though their religious beliefs and the strength they get from these beliefs, quit smoking.

The steps are designed to bring religion further into the lives of smokers, to have them take a reckoning of where they are in their lives and how they will improve them by being better people as quit smoking.

This approach seems to be one that assigns blame, to say that the person has a defect if they are a smoker but that though this program and a strong religious belief all will be forgiven and conquered. This may work for some but for those who do not want religion as part of a quit smoking program it will turn a lot of people off.


There are other similar groups that do not use a religious base to their assistance programs. They offer counseling in a relaxed setting with a group of likeminded people who are also striving to quit smoking. They will have speakers to help motive those trying to quit. They will have others who have succeeded come in and talk about the struggle to quit but the strong feeling of satisfaction when they knew they would not smoke again. This kind of positive reinforcement is very helpful to those trying to quit.

Online Communities

There are also many websites dedicated to help smokers quit. They are set up like a smokers anonymous group but conducted completely over the internet. This is done for those who are unable, for whatever reason, to attend meetings. Or for those who have not been able to find a group they want to join.

Sometimes work schedules, childcare needs or even just shyness can keep people away from the large groups that come to smokers meetings. Whatever the reason these websites might be the next best thing to attending a group meeting.

There are also many groups that might be linked to your local church or synagogue or other place of worship. You can always look into whatever program might by operating through them. There are groups that meet in community centers; you can see what they are offering. Another alternative would be to speak with your health care provider and see what kind of programs they are aware of in your area.

If you want to go to one of them because you think this will help you quit smoking it is worth seeing if you are comfortable attending one. It may be your answer to quitting smoking.