Quit Smoking with Nicotine Spray

Many people choose to quit smoking with a little help from one of the nicotine replacement treatment options. There are several to choose from including nicotine gum, inhalers, sprays and the patch. The reason for using one of these is to make the withdrawal an easier and slower process.

Nicotine replacement treatments put enough nicotine into the bloodstream to avoid the withdrawal symptoms that could include irritability, depression, nervousness or inability to sleep as well as the craving for a cigarette. These nicotine based therapies are believed to double a smokers chance of quitting since they are designed to ease the quitter into withdrawal instead of making it happen all at once.

Quick Absorption

The nicotine spray is said to be one of the best of the options since the absorption time of the nicotine is very quick and so the carving will disappear that much faster. When the spray is used it is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream through the nasal blood vessels.

Like the other nicotine replacement methods this one comes with instructions that you must carefully follow.
The amount that is used is based on how many cigarettes the smoker uses. To begin with the smoker should not use more than two sprays per hour. This will definitely quell the craving for a cigarette. This is how the first two months should go.

After that the amount used must begin to be reduced. The following two weeks should see a decline by half in how much is needed and by the time twelve weeks in total have passed since the smoker began the treatment they should not need to use the spray at all anymore.

Side Effects

Like all medications, and make no mistake this is a medication, there may be a few side effects. Sometimes the spray will irritate the nose when the smoker first begins to use it.

It can also cause the eyes to water and potential sneezing as the body adjusts to it. Due to these facts it should never be uses it while the smoker is driving as it could prove dangerous. If this worsens the smoker should see their health care provider to ensure there is nothing wrong.

Remember that it is not necessary to use the spray unless you feel the need. If you get a craving try to waiting a few minutes and see if it goes away. If not use the spray, but do not exceed sixty four sprays daily. Since two sprays are recommended at first, and the average person sleeps eight hours, this allows for two sprays per nostril two times each hour.

That should satisfy anyones cravings. This nicotine spray is a very strong answer to quitting smoking, but it is an adult answer. The smoker must be sure that they do not leave it somewhere it could be found by a child. It is a poison and a child that plays with it could overdose with the nicotine. This is not merely dangerous it could prove to be fatal.