Quick Fat Loss

The number of obese adults is growing every year, and this is not a good trend. Obesity is a slow but sure killer. It will kill you by degrees with diabetes, heart stroke, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and others. There is still time to prevent it from happening to you, but you have to want to.

Various health experts out are there who would provide you a host of weight loss tips. That is all well and good, but these experts often use techno-mumbo jargons when they talk to lay people, assuming that everybody is conversant with medical and biological terminology.

When many people hear terms such as metabolism, BMI or calorie, they end up getting all the more confused and decide to give up. However, in this article I will give you simple fat loss tips and you will have no excuse to back off.

Drink Lots of Water

Your mother was right when she used to tell you to drink water before and after a meal. You see, water is a great fat burner. Cold water aids in fat burning by speeding up your metabolic rate. Not only that; water even helps you lose weight by cleaning your body of all the toxins that were limiting your weight loss efforts. Water has multiple benefits.

Active Lifestyle

Remember that an inactive lifestyle is responsible for obesity. If you want to get slimmer, you need to reverse your lifestyle patterns by indulging in some sort of physical activities. Physical activities don’t necessarily mean exercises and workouts.

Of course, if you can handle workouts, that is way better but I am assuming that at this point of time you are scared of exercises and you probably need confidence in yourself. In case you don’t know, simple walking and running will help you lose fat. Additionally, try to walk up to your shopping mall or market, instead of using the car. It will do you good. Consider taking up yoga, as well.

Eat Small Meals

Eating a large meal once in 24 hours and then keeping yourself hungry and stuffing your mouth with calories is not a very good lifestyle pattern, so there is no doubt that today you have got overweight.

Even more important than dieting is your meal pattern, and ideally you should break your large meal into several small portions, and eat each portion every three or four hours. This will keep your metabolic rate in high gear, thereby helping you burn fat quicker. Make sure that the time gap between two successive meals is not more than four hours, or your metabolism will slow down.