Where Can I Purchase a Glucose Monitor?

If you have diabetes and because both you and your doctor need to keep abreast of your disease, he may recommend you record your blood glucose levels with a glucose monitor and blood glucose test strips. Your doctor will most likely advise you to test your blood sugar level two to four times per day. Test strips, made from thin, chemically impregnated material are used by applying a drop of blood with which the glucose in it reacts to the chemicals in the test strip.

Monitors are used to precisely measure the amount of glucose in the drop of blood. Glucose monitors and test strips can be purchased at places like your local drugstore, medical supply house, or online. Read on to learn of a few places to buy these items securely and conveniently on the Internet and have them delivered right to your door.

Diabetes Supply

Diabetes Supply, at www.diabetes-supply.com, offers a selection of 10 different blood glucose monitors and kits. With most of these, the consumer pays only for the test strips, which come in lots of 100 and range from $97 to $99; the blood glucose monitoring devices are free. There are two monitors on the Web site that are sold “stand alone” (without strips) and those range in price from $19.99 to $99.

These include the LifeScan Ultra Mini, the LifeScan Ultra, the LifeScan UltraSmart Diabetes Management System, and the Accu-Chek Aviva. The site emphasizes that prices listed are those for cash purchases only and that for orders billed to your insurance company, the payment is based on your insurers contracted rate.


Another reliable retailer of diabetic supplies, www.Drugstore.com, offers two pages of blood glucose monitors and test strips in kit form or as individual items. This site also features “The Worlds Smallest Meter” which is the Flash Blood Glucose Monitoring System made by FreeStyle. Drugstore.com sells the kit at $64.99, a 14 percent savings from its regular, suggested retail price. Theres also a $40 mail-in rebate included in the box. Rave reader reviews on the site rate this item as a great product at an excellent price.

Diabetes MD

At Diabetes MD (www.diabetes-md.com), the company does just about everything for the diabetic needing a glucose monitor and/or test strips. You simply fill out the form provided at the Web site and then they contact your doctor for the prescription, bill your insurance company, provide free delivery, and even let you know when its time to re-order new supplies.

Once you enroll in Diabetes MDs program, they evaluate which of their programs best fit your needs. They even send you a free blood glucose monitor that you can keep even if you decide to decline the Web sites services.

There many other places on the Internet from which you can choose to obtain any diabetic supplies you may need. All it takes is a few minutes using your favorite search engine and then another small amount of time to review what each site offers. With a little shopping around, youre sure to find the right deal for you to keep those critical diabetic supplies you need coming exactly when you need them.