Prostate Cancer: Massaging your Prostate

Prostate cancer is not without bothersome symptoms in most cases. Men who are suffering with advanced stages of prostate cancer can have a lot of pain in the prostate region. One way to relieve the pain from an enlarged prostate is to massage it. Often times this is done by men who dont have prostate cancer as well. It is thought to keep the prostate healthy and functioning normally.

The number one reason men will massage or milk their prostate is because they have chronic prostatitis. This can be very painful indeed. If the male massages his prostate regularly, the pain will cease for the most part. This is something most doctors will recommend for those with chronic pain from prostate cancer or simply from an enlarged prostate.

Types of Massage

There are several ways you can massage your prostate. Doctors will often show you how in their office manually. This can be difficult to do at home however. They do make specific medical equipment for the purpose of milking and massaging the prostate. You can learn to do it yourself, in the privacy of your bathroom or bedroom. It may seem a little odd at first, but remember that it is a medical procedure that is common for men with chronic prostate problems.

The process is done to stimulate the prostate gland. This is done to avoid ejaculating or orgasms. However, the process imitates the hormonal reactions of these occurrences. So, your body will respond hormonally like you have ejaculated or had an orgasm, without it actually happening. This will help relieve any buildup or accumulation of fluids in the area.

Watch for Infection

Some doctors will tell you that milking or massaging the prostate is not good in your particular case. If there is an infection that the doctor thinks could spread to other areas of your body upon massaging it, you may not want to engage in massage of the prostate.

If you find the massage too uncomfortable, there are things you can do. You can choose to numb the area first with ice. You can numb the testicle area to make the massage less painful. Many men hate the feeling of the massage, but need the relief it provides. So, anything you can do to make the massage more pleasant or tolerable.

So, if you are suffering with a lot of pain from your prostate cancer or just from prostate enlargement, you should talk with your doctor about prostate massage or prostate milking. Some cultures encourage this type of technique from a very young age. It is thought to help the prostate stay healthy and it also thought to prevent prostate cancer in aging men.

It may seem like an unusual procedure, but it is quite important to get rid of the pain. Whatever you can do to help your health should be considered. Being a mature male, you should realize that massage and milking the prostate might be necessary for your better health.