ProSource Pilates Resistance Power Dual Gripped Fitness Ring Review

Pilates has been shaping bodies and developing overall fitness since the early 20th century. Focusing on a base which covers six principles, concentration, breathing, control, center, flow and precision are all maximized to deliver the greatest health benefits.

The ProSource Pilates Resistance Power Dual Gripped Fitness Ring has been exactingly formed to complement this wonderful exercise program which strengthens the human mind and body. Let’s take a closer look to see just what this low-priced Pilates accessory delivers.

Key Elements of the ProSource Pilates Resistance Power Dual Gripped Fitness Ring

* Steel covered by durable rubber
* Specially designed to guarantee proper alignment and form
* Nonslip dual handles and foam padded grips
* Targeted areas include lower body, upper body, obliques and abs
* Promotes core muscle conditioning, flexibility and a total body workout

ProSource has been developing excellent, affordable exercise tools and accessories for years. Their Pilates Resistance Power Dual Gripped Fitness Ring was specifically designed to accentuate any Pilates workout, helping you achieve perfect form, which in turn delivers maximum results.

What Makes the Resistance Power Dual Gripped Fitness Ring a Great Pilates Accessory?

Construction includes rugged steel and durable rubber, combined with comfortable foam. The budget level price tag is very attractive as well.

Also known as fitness circles, fitness rings are excellent accessories for many of the leg and arm exercises which make up several Pilates routines.

Users have noted that the inclusion of a fitness ring during their Pilates practice more effectively delivers the intended results than performing Pilates without this simple but intelligently designed fitness tool.

The ring is very small and portable, requiring little storage space. The versatile dual grip fitness ring is perfect for any Pilates mat workout, whether strength training, or working on your flexibility, tone or muscle conditioning.

The ProSource Pilates Resistance Power Dual Gripped Fitness Ring is offered in black, pink and blue. Developed to speed up the targeted toning and improved muscle strength to problem areas like the inner and outer thighs and upper arms, this affordable ring also aids in burning fat and losing weight.

Balance, flexibility, strength and posture are important to the practice of Pilates, and this simple looking but perfectly designed ring helps benefit all of those areas.

Whether used in arm or leg Pilates exercises, this Pilates ring, when used correctly, helps to maintain proper body alignment. That delivers quicker results to your core, abs, arms and legs, letting you accomplish more in a shorter period of time.

This wonderful ProSource Pilates accessory offers the perfect combination of durability and comfort, and makes a smart fitness purchase at a very nice price.