Preparing to Quit Smoking

Before you attempt to quit smoking, it is very important that you prepare for quitting.

Just thinking about quitting may make you anxious and stressed. However, your chances of quitting for good are much better if you prepare for quitting.
For example, reading about and understanding the Impacts of Smoking and the Benefits of Quitting Smoking can sure help motivate you to quit. In addition, it is also very useful to be aware of why quitting is so difficult.

Before you attempt to quit smoking, you need to decide for yourself that you really want to quit and that you are going to give it your best shot. Promise yourself that you’ll do it, and go through with it, and give it your best shot, even though you may not always be 100% committed to quitting or always feel good about quitting.

When you quit smoking, it is perfectly natural to have mixed feelings about quitting. There will be many times, especially early on, where you don’t feel like quitting. However, do your best to persevere and do not let these feelings sway you from your goal. In order to succeed in your attempt to stop smoking, you will need to be strong and determined.

In addition, understanding why and when you smoke are all important in the process of successfully quitting smoking.

The following activities will help you identify your triggers for smoking and also start you on the process of quitting:

Keep a Cravings / Smoking Diary
Identifying Your Triggers
S.T.A.R.T. to Quit

Each of these activities are covered in the linked pages.

Please Note:

Most people who attempt to quit, go back to smoking within three months. So, the first three months after you quit will be the most difficult. You may be tempted to have “one last cigarette” when you are stressed or feeling down, but yielding to such a temptation is a sure-fire way to start smoking again.