Pregnancy Back Ache Causes

It is well known that there are several reasons why pregnant women tend to be very cranky. Not only are your insides turned into your babies own personal soccer field but your back begins to feel as if you have just had a knife inserted right between your vertebrae.

What causes this discomfort is a variety of causes, but they all usually center around your little bundle of joy. The best way to avoid pregnancy back aches is to learn what causes it, so you can adapt your lifestyle to help reduce the problems.


First of all, there is no reason to attempt walking around with a book on your head trying to balance the book. You are pregnant and as such, probably do not walk as you used to, so attempting this while pregnant will lead you to being frustrated.

However, as much as possible you still want to stand straight and walk with your stomach pulled in as much as possible. While this is obviously not going to result in perfect harmony in your ever changing body, it can help reduce some of the strain you experience as you are learning how to retain your balance despite your ever changing shape.

By standing straight and walking tall, you are helping keep your balance centered in the correct place, which will reduce the pressure that is placed upon your back. Imagine how your back would feel if you walked around all day hunched forward, after a while your back would begin to hurt.

The same principal applies to pregnancy back aches, except you tend to hunch backwards to help accommodate your growing baby. This is perfectly normal and with a conscious effort can usually be helped greatly.

Weight Increases

Gaining weight is a fact of life during pregnancy. Very few women lose weight, and even fewer have medical reasons to lose weight rather than gain. Dieting is simply not your friend while you are pregnant because you need to ensure you are eating enough to keep your health up as well as the health of your baby.

With this in mind, you should be watching your weight. Your doctor will give you an estimate of how much you should gain to stay at a healthy weight based upon your prepregnancy weight.

Gaining 20 pounds during a pregnancy is normal and often recommended, however gaining excess can cause additional stress on your body including your back.

If you try to stay within the weight guidelines that your doctor has determined then you are much more likely to stay within a good healthy balance as well as reduce your chances of severe pregnancy back ache.

While you can only do so much about weight gain, turning away from the scale and eating the entire 9 months can harm your back. Reducing some of your snacking can really make a difference in the way your back feels and you will appreciate it.

Feet Up

If you are always standing while you are pregnant, you are really asking for problems. You should be sitting down at least once an hour for a few minutes to give your back a rest. While someone who is in Olympic champion health before pregnancy could safely go every few hours before sitting down, it does not mean they should.

Resting your body and sitting down can really help reduce the pressure on your back, as well as feet. If your feet become tired your standing will start to suffer and you may be more likely to rest on your heels or even the balls of your feet, which can place additional strain on your back. Sitting once an hour for even a few minutes will really help you feel much better.