Prednisone and Asthma

Prednisone is the generic name for the cotico-streoid drug which is sold under the brand names Deltasone, Orasone, Prednicen-M, and Liquid Pred. It is used in the treatment of inflammatory conditions or diseases. Asthma sufferers are often given prescriptions for prednisone, but you should be aware that Prednisone is not a “Rescue” medication for treating emergency asthmatic attacks. Rather, it is given as a secondary medication in tamdem with bronchodilators.

Bronchodilators such as xopenex and albuterol are examples of “rescue” medications which should be carried at all times by asthmatics in case of severe attacks.
Prednisone is prescribed at the same time when you are having an attack because bronchodilators work on dilating the airways, while the corticosteroid works on calming down the airways inflammation.

You should also be aware which of your bronchodilators are emergency rescue medications and which ones are long-term bronchodilators. This knowledge could save you life. Ask your doctor or respiratory therapist.

Prednisone is an immune system suppressant and long-term use can lead to severe and irreversible side effects. Use it with caution.