Pre-planning your own Funeral in Advance

It’s a morbid act and many people do not want to even think about it, especially when they are young. However, death is a natural thing, something that everyone eventually goes through, whether by natural causes or other means.

Pre-planning your funeral is not something you want to think about but by doing so, you could save a lot of grief and heartache for loved ones and even on expenses by doing so now.

Some Terminology

Be advised that there is some terminology in the funeral business that you should be aware of pre-planning versus pre-arranging. They may sound the same but they can be quite different.

Pre-planning is just that you are establishing your wishes for what you want to happen when you die. Do you want to be cremated or do you want an open casket funeral? Do you want to be buried next to someone? What do you want your tombstone to look like? Pre-planning deals with your wishes.

Pre-arranging is similar in that you are establishing your wishes and then paying in advance for some of these things such as a burial plot or even a tombstone or urn for cremation remains.

There is even death insurance that you can pay for which will take care of expenses up to a certain amount. The problem is that if death is far down the road, there are some decisions that you just will have to put off for a while, such as where to be buried.

Advantages to Pre-planning and Pre-Arranging your Funeral

There are no disadvantages to planning your funeral in advance. It is actually one of the best gifts you can bestow on your family. In their time of grief, they would not have to make all of these decisions. All they would have to concentrate on is getting through the grieving process and saying goodbye.

With pre-planning, you will have the time to do some research into different places to hold the funeral as well as get quotes for such things as caskets, cremation and more.

You can dictate what type of service you want, providing as much or little personalization as possible from the choice of music to what flowers you would like on your casket. You could even request a donation made on your behalf to an organization in lieu of flowers.

Pre-planning and pre-arranging things as much as possible eases the burden on your family both emotionally and financially. In addition, you are virtually guaranteed that your wishes will be met. Whatever you do, please make sure that you “shop” around and arm yourself with as much information as possible.

Decide how the funeral will be paid for as well. You can set up a trust to pay for the funeral in the event of your death. A certificate of deposit at the bank can be set up for expenses or even taking out an extra life insurance policy. Remember, making as many decisions as possible is the best gift you can give your family during a most difficult time.

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