One of the hardest parts about menopause, as well as post menopause is the occurrence of hot flashes. With post menopausal hot flashes so bad that you feel as if your body is suddenly set on fire, it becomes a common goal to seek as much relief as possible from the hot flashes.

First thing, you want to do before seeking medical treatments is any treatments you can do on your own that would involve only a small change in your behavior in order to have some relief.

Clothing Choices are Important

This is one of the simplest things you can change that will help reduce post menopausal hot flashes. While wearing huge sweaters and even a full business suit in the middle of the summer is an obvious sign of trouble there are other problems as well. Some fabric just does not breathe as well, and these fabrics can trap heat toward your body.

Avoid fabrics such as polyester, spandex and even nylon can really help lower your body temperature and help reduce the problems from hot flashes. While this does not mean you need to completely change your wardrobe, you do need to take a bit of extra time in picking out your clothes to wear each day to ensure you avoid the problem fabrics.

Proper Fit

In addition to avoiding certain fabrics, selecting clothing that fits properly is another great way to reduce post menopausal hot flashes. If you are wearing a shirt that is very tight, or form fitting then it will not have much breathing room, this can cause an increase in body heat and cause your hot flashes to rise up again.

Ensure you monitor how your clothes fit to ensure that it is proper to allow for breathing room. One fabric that should become your best friend is cotton, this fabric is very light weight, made in a wide variety of styles and colors and allows you to breathe easily, and helps reduce hot flashes by fitting well and allowing skin to breathe.

Importance of Staying Cool

If you are constantly out in the warm weather then you are really opening yourself up to post menopausal hot flashes. This can create problems that you never even realized, but there is some relief. Simply by placing some ice or a very cold can or cup in specific places on your body can really lower your body temperature and help you avoid hot flashes.

The inside of your wrists, inside of elbows, back of your neck and other major pulse points are all great places to put a piece of ice or cold drink to help you lower your body temperature.

If you are inside and do not have easy access to ice or cold drinks to use on pulse points then consider dropping the air temperature a bit. If you reduce the temperature then you are able to help avoid hot flashes because the air temperature in the room is much cooler.

However, if you work in an office that stays very warm, you will likely experience increased hot flashes. If you are not able to adjust the air temperature yourself then consider bringing a small fan to work that you can put on your desk, which will make things much easier for you to cool off if you start to feel yourself heating up.

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